20 Things You Never Knew Your Microwave Could Do!

 It is so amazing to know that there are many other things that you  can do with your microwave  not only  heating up or unfreezing meals. The Diply blog shares 20 ways you never knew your microwave could do. I went through and I found the one's I liked the most and I thought in sharing my favorite 10!
1- Microwave Clean Up Shortcut
2- How To Test If Something Is Microwave Safe
3- Re-Hydrate Stale Bread
4- No More Stale Chips
5- Skip Soaking Lentils And Beans Overnight
6- Toast Nuts And Spices
7- Chopping Onions
8- Prevent Soggy Sandwiches
9- Peel Garlic Quicker
10-Easy Poached Eggs 

To read about the 20 things a microwave can do, go to the link below for the article...